Guide To Finish Checkered Rug

Checkered Rug Ideas

The checkered rug is a good decorative element. In addition to dressing the floors provide warmth to the rooms and manage to separate spaces, it’s very useful for example. When the kitchen and living room are in the same room. They keep the room’s hot longer, trap dust and allergens, absorb and block noise, improving the acoustics of the place and provide a lot of style.

Today there are many colors, sizes and shapes among which to select the checkered rug that best suits our needs and tastes. Quilting is an art form that has lasted for centuries. When you make a blanket, you can get in touch with your ancestors even when using a machine. Want to finish your checkered rug? So, sew your blanket blocks together in rows of three push the stitches as you go. Cut two strips of fabric the length of the fitted carpet blocks. And then sew to the two opposite sides of the front.

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Then cut two strips the width of the carpet blocks plus the width of the two fabric strips. And sew to the top and bottom of the checked blanket. Cut the wad the size of the finished front checkered rug and the center duvet backing over this. Thank you in place with safety pins or quilt pins and duvet. Last, make a binding with 4-inch piece of fabric and whip the nail top and bottom together. Now you can enjoy your checkered rug.