Harmonious Pottery Barn Round Rug

Border Pottery Barn Round Rug

Pottery barn round rug – On this occasion, and less colorful than our previous inspiration, a pattern of rectangular figures has been designed that on certain occasions, can become accessories with which to pass the time And is that, surely before finishing reading this, there will be who fell in the temptation to count the number of rectangles that appear on the carpet.

When we talk about interior design, three does not have to be a crowd. And less, if it is accessories. To decorate the floor of a room somewhat dull in its decoration, we have chosen this pottery barn round rug, whose design reminds us of the mandalas, those symbolic representations to which a magical and mysterious meaning is usually attributed. An option that will dazzle the most mystics at home.

The detail that puts the pottery barn round rug on a harmonious interior does not have to be what we see when we look up. There, under our feet, is another great world of design, willing to steal all the prominence to the rest of the decoration. We refer to the floor itself, and more specifically, to that which covers it: a carpet that seems to pay homage to the random shapes of geometry and chromatism in its purest essence.

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