Harmony Round Jute Rug Color

Blue Round Jute Rug

Round jute rug – Handmade and round jute rug, we dared to say that few decorative objects knew how to take advantage of their condition to become the protagonists of a whole room. Without a doubt, a design ten. And if carpets can take advantage of their accessory status within a room, they can also do the same with their own silhouette. In this case, the flow of its forms has been taken advantage of when painting a rainbow of colors that is reducing its size as it enters it.

A smart way to include in an orderly manner and in a single design, several colors, without the result being a round jute rug visually recharged. Combining the color of the accessories with that of the walls or that of any other predominant in the set of decoration, is a way of not hindering the harmony that has been achieved.

Now, that does not mean to stop providing a touch of color, insightfully and in small doses, through round jute rugs, for example. The design of the image has not needed more than a homogeneous pattern in mustard color, bordered with some white, to take more than one look wherever it is placed.

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