How To Decorate Gray Rug

Awesome Gray Rug

Gray rug – Gray is an attractive color because it is neutral and coordinates well with several colors in the spectrum. With gray as a solid base for your room, you can choose from many color combinations to trick the right atmosphere for your room. In addition, gray carpet works with many styles of furnishings, from modern to rustic. Whether your carpet is light or dark gray, you work with a color that can help you create a nice atmosphere in your home.


Choose a color scheme that matches the color of your carpet. Look at the colors of your furniture and accessories and drag at least two favorite colors from them. You may want to add warmth to your gray rug. Another option is to go with cool colors, such as blue, black or white. You may also want to go with different shades of gray for a monochromatic look.

Paint your walls with a color that matches your gray rug and is a color that you can live with. Bench, light gray, white with blue undertones or pale shades of yellow are options that will give your room a very different look. Yellow and cream are hot, they will light up a room, while white and blue shades make the room feel airy. If you have light gray carpet, go a shade or two darker than your carpet for a dramatic look. Organize your room with balance in mind. If your rug is dark gray, you want to stay away from similar colors in the interior, as they will fade into the carpet. Choose furniture and fabrics with stripes of gray to help the room look uniform but not too gray.

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