How To Decorate Patio French Doors

Patio French Doors Ideas

Whether your patio has patio French doors that open individually or a sliding door on a track, the decoration of the patio door with attractive window coverings will enhance the overall decoration of the room. Choose window covers that provide control of light and privacy, if necessary, and keep the doors that are easy to use.

Whether your patio French doors are a sliding door, add a cornice above the width of the doors. A cornice is a three-sided box that attaches to the wall like a decorative headboard from which to hang clothes from the window. Build the wood cornice and add a layer of wadding and cloth over the wood, if desired. Make the cornice approximately 4 inches wide making it a small shelf above the patio doors. Place attractive decorative items on top of the cornice.

Place vertical blinds on the patio French doors to add privacy and light control. To walk through the door, just pull the vertical blinds. Vertical blinds come in vinyl, fine wood, fabric and aluminum. They also come in a wide variety of colors, and can easily adapt the decoration of the room. Install vertical blinds in conjunction with a cornice and the cornice can be extended over the top of the blinds to hide the top of the patio doors, if desired.

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