How To Decorate Paula Deen Nightstand

Rustic Paula Deen Nightstand

Paula deen nightstand is an enriching complement to all bedrooms. It’s functional furniture like resting your glasses when you sleep, or a place to put a lamp so you can read in bed. Bring style to the surface of night stand with fabric, color and useful but decorative additions can change night stand from functional to lovely.


Clean from the top of your Paula deen nightstand. Clean all areas around night stand so you have a clean environment to work. Dust and clean night stand – it’s best to start decorating with a clean surface. Determine a lace or fabric runner over the newly cleaned surface of the night stand – this will provide a basis for the rest of the decorations, protect the surface of the stand and add style to your nightstand and your room. Choose fabrics that complement the walls, window treatments and bedding in the room. Attach the fabric to the night stand with Velcro if it happens to be particularly slippery.

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Place a lamp on the Paula deen nightstand over the fabric – you may want to put the lamp in the center of the table or aside, depending on the other decorations you will add to the table. Select a lamp that is high enough to illuminate you while reading your bed. If you have more advanced decorations, use a lamp that has more ornate details, such as a metal casting on the stand or a beaded shade.