How To Go Faux Cowhide Rug

Unusual Faux Cowhide Rug

Faux cowhide rug – If your own rug is a great way to save money on home remodels and is typically quite easy. However, a place in a room you can find a do-it-yourself carpet work is in places where the carpet has sewing or joints. These can be difficult to do professionally and often can buckle or wrinkle, making the carpet look amateurish and ugly. Entering mat as a professional requires professional tools and accuracy.


Kick the carpet seams so that they extend at least one inch past the junction. Faux cowhide rug will change over time, and you will need extra matte overlap so that the seams do not stretch and split. Place a strip of hot melt adhesive underneath where the mat will be joined. Connect heat filler iron and allow it to warm to full temperature. Run the heat sink iron slowly over hot melt glue to make sure you do not burn.

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Push the faux cowhide rug edges on one side of the seam onto the hot melt adhesive, allowing them to connect and follow. Work in small stains, leveling the mat down as you walk. The overlap will even out with fake iron, giving a straight edge. Move to the other edge of the carpet, pull tight before repeating the process of hot melt heating and leveling the edge down. Let cool, and for best results do not go on the carpet for 24 hours while the glue is seen.