Ideas Free Standing Broom Closet

Popular Free Standing Broom Closet

Free standing broom closet – In the first place, we will have to remove the shelves that we need to be able to place the cube in the lower part of the furniture. Next, we will make a recess in one of the shelves in order to rid the handle of the broom, the mop and the dustpan. Once we have calculated the position of the gap, we remove the piece of wood from the inside of the cabinet and draw the cutting area. Attach the shelf to the work table with jaws and empty the marked surface using the jigsaw and a special blade for curved cuts in wood.

Then for build free standing broom closet, to avoid that the agglomerate is seen, we will cover the edge with a tape of edging, in this case blue. Cut the tape to measure, apply adhesive and paste it to the edge, pressed so that the product is well impregnated. When the adhesive has dried, we will proceed to place the shelf in its position again.

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Depending on the size and model of our free standing broom closet, we must make different types of recesses. Now, we can now store all the cleaning elements in our new storage place, distributing them in the way that we like the most. When purchasing cleaning products and detergents, remember, it is very important that they are ecological, that is, they do not contain polluting elements. In this way, we will help preserve the environment and avoid any danger to our health.