Ideas To Care Zebra Cowhide Rug

Amazing Zebra Cowhide Rug

Zebra cowhide rug is high-end products that have many uses. If you get one, be very careful of it. The main issue in cowhide care is to keep the skin moist. Excess moisture can ruin the tan. When storing the skin, ensure that the material will not be in a humid atmosphere for an extended period of time. Cow skin is a tough material that requires minimal care to preserve the natural beauty of the skin. Place the cow hide flat the first time you get it to release any wrinkles you may have suffered from being bent. Place the books on it or steam iron to accelerate this process, if desired. Otherwise, the skin flattens after a few days on its own.

Spray the zebra cowhide rug with a stain and water repellent, according to the instructions of the repellents. Products made from carpets and upholstery or suede both work, through a high quality product is better for long-term care. Ask the supplier to whom you purchased your cow skin for product recommendations if you have a concern.

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Place the zebra cowhide rug in a traffic area of ​​direct sunlight. High traffic, such as with a carpet in an entrance, causes more than normal wear and tear. Also, although a normal cowhide does not fade, many of the decorative types use dyes that will fade if left in the sun.

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