Ideas To Clean Colorful Shag Rug

Small Colorful Shag Rug

Colorful shag rug – The best solution for a seriously dirty carpet to use a high pressure, professional water extractor to remove builds up dirt and stains. The extractor sends, hot pressurized water and cleaner into the carpet and then its vacuum sucks the spots along with the water. Remove the furniture and other items that rest on the carpet in the room. Fill the hot water extractor with detergent recommended by the manufacturer.

Plug the extractor into the plugs that can accommodate the voltage requirements of the machine. Move the extractor over the colorful shag rug in straight lines, moving back and forth across the room. Let the machine rest in particularly dirty areas for extra time to ensure that the stains come out. Empty the cleaning agent extracted from the tank. If you are cleaning a very large room, you may have to do this more than once during the cleaning.

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Let the colorful shag rug dry completely before you walk on it or return to the furniture room. The exact time will vary with different carpets, in order to check yours often to see if it is dry. Professional water extractors can be rented at many hardware stores. Keep your hands away from the water jet; the water is very hot and highly pressurized.

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