Multi Coloured Rug Baby Room

Multi Coloured Rug Texture

Multi Coloured Rug – Does your house look a bit dull now because all the Christmas decorations have been lowered? So now is the time to inject colors and personality into your room. Flower motifs are a popular choice to tidy up your decorating scheme and can be used in traditional and contemporary schemes. There is a wide variety of designs and colors available to suit all tastes and interiors. With spring still, a few more months and long dark days using florals will lift your spirits and bring a touch of spring color to your home while the outside is still gray and cold.

In this case, we would recommend you use multi coloured rug. For a traditional scheme choose a traditional floral design and use for curtains, upholstery or pillows. Coordinate with plain fabric and lines for a smart look. For walls, dado rails can be used with striped wallpaper at the bottom and neutral colors at the top. For the floor, you use carpet and add carpets for texture and flowers. During the winter use the throw to add more color and texture and to make the room feel comfortable.

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Flower motifs of various sizes can be mixed to create a relaxed countryside feel. In order for this to work, you will need to mix either large designs with medium or medium size designs with small patterns. Make sure that they are from the same color palette. These patterns can also be mixed with striped or checked cloth – again in the same color palette. This view is ideal for country style kitchen. That’s the article about multi coloured rug.