Organizing Simple Wardrobe Ideas

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If you can not see what you have, you will never use it. Therefore, you must organize your simple wardrobe in pieces. That is, all the shoes in one place, the jeans in another, and so on. So you can know what you have and find it in the easiest way. The best way to order the closet and find the items you usually use is to prioritize the spaces. Use the most visible places in your wardrobe for the clothes or accessories that you use the most.

The ones that you use the least can go behind or in less perceived compartments. To make it look neat, not only must clothes, shoes and accessories be in place, but the wardrobe has to smell good. Therefore, do not keep dirty items inside because they will not only generate bad odor, but may even leave fungi. If you have a small space to hang clothes, you can double it. What you have to do is place another bar in the simple wardrobe. As long as the space is conducive.

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See if there can be one bar over the other and if you can hang your clothes comfortably. That way you’ll have more space and everything will be neater and handy. To maintain order in your simple wardrobe, a good tactic is to keep clothes and shoes from another season. For example, in summer you should keep the winter clothes so that it does not occupy a space in vain. A good idea is to store it on the shelves at the top of the bedroom in suitcases or decorative boxes.

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