Paint Ideas For A Light Gray Jute Rug

Traditional Gray Jute Rug

Gray jute rug – If you have a gray carpet in your home or if you have just moved into a new home that has gray carpets, you’re lucky; Not only does this color hide stains well, gray is a neutral color, so it works well with a variety of colors. When choosing a color for a room with a gray mat, choose a color that fits your personal style.

Deep colors

Gray jute rug for a royal look, choose deep color colors for a room. Colors like royal blue, maroon, emerald green, sapphire and royal purple can create a majestic look. If these COLORS are too dark for your taste or if you are afraid that they will make the room appear small, paint only one or two walls in one of the above colors and paint the remaining walls in a lighter shade of the selected color, or a neutral color. For example, if you have chosen royal purple, use a soft shade of purple or gray and white in conjunction with deep shades.

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Pastel colors

Pastel colors are ideal for a country-chic style and they play well against a gray jute rug. Light pink, light blue, sage green and light yellow are all options to consider. These colors are often in rural style and serve as a perfect backdrop for the whitewashed, braid and light wood furniture used in this type of interior. Pastel shades used in combination with a gray mat can make a room look larger, which is usually an added bonus.

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