Pallet Closet With Plenty Of Storage

Build Pallet Closet

The main thing in a closet is that it should be practical and with plenty of storage space. This idea of ​​multiple shelves and drawers is excellent, because it allows you to keep all your belongings in order. The more floors, the more space to organize. We must not forget that a sliding door will always be well received, does not occupy space and is easy to hide. This wooden pallet closet option is one of the most current: large doors that go from floor to ceiling and polished mahogany wood, which goes perfectly with any decoration inside the room.

The interior depends on you. If you like to bet on the original and creative design, then you will love the idea of ​​JF Arquitectos. Not only did they take a risk with the light color of the wood pallet closet, which is rare to see, but they also opted for a different design, where some drawers protrude from the doors, allowing extra storage space.

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If you do not have enough space inside the room to order a custom made pallet closet. And then choose to buy a portable one that you can change places whenever you want. It will not be very expensive if they are made of wood with a considerable thickness and it is even perfect to place it in the corridors.


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