Patio Door Lock Bar

Awesome Patio Door Lock Bar

Patio Door Lock Bar – Door lock is the major concern among the people these days. Patio door lock is required to keep the burglars at bay and thus provide protection to your home. There a number of patio door lock devices available in the market. One among them is the patio door lock bar. This device is generally rod shaped structure constructed out of heavy gauge steel. The lock bar has “U shaped wedge” at one end which is generally attached to the door knob and towards the other end the device has a foot pad made out of rubber that grips onto the floor very firmly without sliding or causing scratches to the floor surface. The lock bar slides in such a manner the door once locked with it cannot be forced open or kicked in from outside.

They available in standard lengths ranging from 38 to 43 inches and is generally adjustable making them suitable for almost all sizes of doors. Also these bars can be easily lifted up when not in use and can be stored very conveniently. Another type of bar available is for glass sliding patio doors. This patio door lock bar can be easily installed by screwing the hinged brackets to the frame and followed by screwing the saddle bracket to the fixed frame.

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These patio door lock bar is adjustable and can be used irrespective of the door size. In case you wish to leave the glass slider half-way open and even want to prevent intruders, in such cases too, the lock bar is a handy option. You can adjust the length of the lock bar. But there are some models which will not prevent intruders from entering in, but these will prevent the lifting up of the glass sliding door off the track. Door lock bars for glass sliding doors are available as kits with all the necessary hardware and is in the form of ready to install. All you need to do is to fix them on the doors using screwdriver and a drill. You can do this yourself or hire the service from the product seller.

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