Patio Door Shades: Hang Bamboo Shades On Steel Patio Doors

Stripped Vertical Patio Door Shades

Patio door shades – Bamboo shades soften the overall appearance of metal French doors, giving a place a balanced, modern theme. Installing bamboo shades on a patio door is a simple process that requires only basic altmuligmann skills. When installing these shades on a steel door, make sure that you have the correct drill bit and the screws. So that the bamboo shade will be securely attached to the door.

To install patio door shades bamboo, starting with remove the blinds from the packaging and remove the screws. Go to the hardware store and get a new set of screws of the correct length but designed for steel. Second, measure in brackets on the door. Use measuring tape to measure where the screws go, mark stains with a pencil. Use a level to make sure the brands are balanced.

Third, secure a Titan drill bit half less than the screws will be drilling. Use a little smaller gear screws a lane to screw in with sufficient area to grip the material. The marked boreholes. Fourth, change to Titan slightly with the screw bit. Screw blind brackets into specified holes. Fifth, put the patio door shades bamboo blinds into the brackets by fastening them into place. Tips and warnings, ask your hardware store to even print screws that do not require pre drilling.

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