Perfect Idea Retractable Closet Door

Laundry Retractable Closet Door

Materials, designs, shapes, colors, where to start? In this book of ideas we propose a journey through inspiration through retractable closet door sensational! If you are determined to put order in your home with style take note! A wardrobe with sliding doors in opaque acrylic and with an aluminum structure offers a very contemporary aesthetic. Its attractiveness makes it a piece capable of integrating perfectly in any room, be it the bedroom, the living room, the hallway or the lobby. You choose!

A closet can be much more than a solution for storing clothes and everyday items. Using retractable closet door is a perfect idea to give life to original proposals capable of hiding inside, not only shelves or hangers, but also areas of a kitchen. Whenever your dressing room shares prominence with the bedroom you can opt for a design with sliding doors that allows you to maximize spatial perception.

A structure based on aluminum and glass like the one you see in the image, as well as a correct illumination of its interior are enough to create this spectacular wardrobe. As we saw at the beginning of this book of ideas, the retractable closet door is a tool capable of making the space look bigger. In this small bedroom, the structure of transparent glass doors with PVC marquetry translates that visual amplitude to the viewer in a very attractive way.

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