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Shaggy Rug – Your home is your place to show your taste, style, and personality. The decoration you choose for your home is often a reflection of who you are. After all, it is the space that most of your time you spend in, and is where you socialize with friends, relax with family and enjoy your favorite hobbies. Part of the decoration of your house could be the shaggy carpet. This fun, vintage-looking rug can add real character and personality to your home.

But if you decide to have a shaggy rug, you should also know how to clean properly. Move all furniture and appliances out of the woolly carpet before beginning cleaning. Immediately remove any spill using a spoon or knife. Try to get as much of the spill as possible before using the cleaner. Spray in a small amount of cleaner and apply with paper towels. Rinse with clean water spills. Adjust the vertical vacuum cleaner in the lowest position so that you do not vacuum the carpet too much.

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Empty over each point a couple of times to compensate for the lower energy consumption. Mix the hot water and non-foaming detergent in a steam cleaner and run it over your carpet. Since different steam cleaners can operate in different ways, always look over the instructions before you begin. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing if possible, as this can damage the shaggy rug.

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