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Simple Nightstand Plans Storage

Simple Nightstand Plans – To know how to make a bedside table we must first know what kind of bedside table we want. From the broken portfolio we give you three options depending on where they are fixed: a table that hangs from the ceiling, anchored to the wall or resting on the floor. The first thing we are going to see is how to make a hanging bedside table. Aesthetically it is very original and fulfills its purpose perfectly.

The idea is of urban outfitters and has used some aged wooden planks to give it a more rustic look. With ropes anchored to each corner, they have made the support that ends fixed in the ceiling by a socket. The main difference is the way to fasten the base to the ropes, being in this simple holes through which the rope is passed and a knot is made. The second option is to make simple nightstand plans that are fixed on the wall.

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To do this, they cut four kinds of wood and join them forming a rectangle. Then they put some squares as an anchoring system and paint it. To give it an original touch they have put thumbtacks all over the edge, but you may prefer to leave the wood without any adornment. A simple nightstand plans anchored to the wall of a greater size and with the most careful details.

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