Sisal Rugs For Any Decorative Style

Belgian Sisal Rugs

There are several types of vegetable carpets , today I wanted to talk about the most used jute and sisal rugs , both very similar but with some differences to take into account when deciding on one or the other. This type of natural carpet has been used since you do not know when … and its return is due to the need to create spaces where natural elements are taking center stage.

Sisal rugs resistant aspect, their neutral tones and knotty texture make them ideal candidates for any decorative style, they also have the virtue of not going out of style, they have become a classic! But they have not remained there, they have also incorporated deep and deep tones as well as original forms for those who want to obtain a space with more strength.

Sisal rugs are usually lighter in color than jute, beige or bone. They are one of the most resistant in terms of natural fibers, easy to maintain and clean, they are also ideal for people allergic to dust as they trap it between its fibers, preventing it from flying through the air. One passes of a vacuum cleaner and as new! Fire resistant also absorbs noise. Their resistance makes them ideal for entry or passage areas.

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