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Patio Door Treatments – Sliding glass patio doors are a wonderful idea; they create a sense of extra space by bringing your patio and backyard inside. Plus they can be a great source for sunlight. But you probably don’t want your view open all the time, so door treatments are often needed for the times when you do need privacy, light control and even insulation.

Patio door treatments can be a challenge, so here are a few expert suggestions. The traditional choice would be vertical blinds or curtains on a traverse rod, which emphasize the dramatic dimensions of your patio door while providing complete privacy and light control. Aluminum, vinyl or cloth vertical blinds come in any color-matching them to standard horizontal blinds on your other windows is a good idea-and can provide a chic, modern accent for any room. Vertical blinds also come in faux wood, which is a good match with wood or composite blinds. Another interesting option you might want to consider are ceiling mount verticals, which would eliminate a potentially annoying gap between the ceiling and the door frame.

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Glass patio doors offer a lot of surface area for cold air to get in, and investing in either vertical cellular shades or heavy insulated curtains is an easy way to save on your heating bill. But if you’re in the market for patio door treatments and vertical shades just aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you’ve still got options. Sliding panel track blinds are a novel offering now available in a wide range of materials from natural woven to fabric to solar screens. As an aside, panel track blinds can also be used as a decorative room divider. You can also consider using multiple horizontal window blinds or shades to cover the area: splitting the shades per-pane allows you to independently control your two shades.

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