Smart Organizer Konmari Closet At Home

Konmari Closet Box

Your clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories that want to keep in closet will always have best arrangement and accommodation to facilitate choice of your daily attire while radiating entire room with a feeling of utmost comfort. Let’s start with list of this konmari closet! Given qualities of modern style, entire set revolves around simple figures and neutral colors, which makes wardrobe protagonist, since red breaks chromatic monotony and asymmetric frames provide visual dynamism.

This tiny two-door konmari closet knows how to adapt its dimensions to little space that exists in room without sacrificing effectiveness and functionality at any time. Its two doors made of wood and dyed in white manage to visually give it a greater breadth, while cream fabric covering with bright brown of center of doors, highlight its colonial style, which if anything characterizes it is that attachment for traditional .

Small room appeals to industrial style characterized particularly by a design that adheres to idea of ​​making both structures and materials visible since it does not follow same ornamental pretensions as classic styles do. Particular konmari closet is entirely made of aluminum plates with a discrete design based on tiny perforations that do not have any type of coating, because as we already pointed out, showing structure is typical of these designs.

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