Unique Round Clothes Rack In Home

Industrial Round Clothes Rack

Looking for ideas to make an original round clothes rack or hanger? Here we propose some inspirational ideas. It is increasingly common to see coat hangers and hangers of different styles , shapes and sizes. In addition, with the new DIY philosophy and to reuse and recycle different elements to create new ones, the complements and furniture for the home have become the main pieces of the decoration.

If you are one of those who never know where you left the keys, we can make this practical hanger. In a piece of wood we will create some original key chains that will fit in the base of the hanger. Thus, when we get home we can leave the keys on hand and when we want to leave again. Another option to make a round clothes rack or hanger is to reuse a skate or scooter .

Simply remove the wheels and reuse them as handles to hang the elements you want. To avoid losing the letters and keys, a simple solution is to make a support to place at the entrance of the home . In this round clothes rack we see how to make one by reusing a Venetian door from a wardrobe. It could also be done with an old wooden blind.

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